The World of Innovation

We live in an interconnected age. More and more individuals are hooked up to the Internet through their mobile devices and various applications. Connecting and staying connected has become more and more crucial, from ordinary, daily communications and business operations to critical events and emergency situations.

Businesses, government offices, and other organizations find themselves needing these connections in their daily activities, using email, data transfers, financial transactions, social media—anything that uses this mobile environment to their advantage. This interconnected world also holds opportunities in the horizon, with the Internet of Things creating the possibility of smart homes and smart cities.

Entropy Solution aims in innovating for enterprise organizations, government institutions and telco operators. Following the roadmap set by the Third Generation Partnership Project, Entropy develops products and services to help organizations continuously adapt the services they provide their own clients. Entropy does this through constant innovation, research, and development of software and solutions.

Our History

Entropy Solution first opened as a Singapore-based startup technology firm. In 2013, the company opened its Philippine office to do in-depth research and development within the telecommunications industry and was able to build innovative products such as Gridloc and ReachNet.

To date, we are known for promoting the fair-use policy currently in effect among local telco operators, and deploying Pipol Konek!, the Department of Information and Communications Technology’s nationwide free public WiFi project.

Mission and Vision

Entropy Solution’s mission is to continuously innovate digital applications for service providers and businesses. Our vision is to give only excellent service in terms of creating solutions and applications for our customers.

Our Expertise

Innovative Solutions

Entropy offers products and software development in telecommunications and network operations. This means providing  applications that can fulfil the customer requirements, with intuitive interfaces for their users. Entropy seeks to take full advantage of today’s robust open-platform boxes in creating applications, resulting in products that can be applied to a variety of use-case scenarios.

Customer Empowerment

Entropy seeks to empower its clients by exploring how the technology can best serve a client’s needs. This means looking at the business needs and devising applications and systems that use technology to ease their operations and transactions, provide flexible services to their customers, and maximize the benefits of this interconnected world.

Professional Services and Operations Support

With more than 20 years’ collective experience in telecommunications, Entropy Solution’s team offers the service and expertise of experienced solution architects, engineers, and vendor partners. In terms of after-sales support, the Entropy team is dedicated to helping their clients make the most use of the products and services they availed of, offering support and further innovation where needed.

Research and Development

Entropy remains dedicated to its mission of innovation. Our services and products undergo extensive research and development, not to mention rigorous field-testing to ensure that we create products and services that are easy to use and can easily adapt to our clients’ needs. Following the roadmap set by the 3GPP, Entropy anticipates industry-wide developments and seeks to offer future-proofed services. With this in mind, Entropy is currently developing products in its newly inaugurated facility, Entropy Labs.


Entropy Solution is partnered with the most relevant and reliable companies to be able to bring about the best solution for your technology requirements.



Entropy Solution is proud to have produced innovative products that have been used in businesses and government initiatives.

Gridloc EnterpriseGridloc TelcoeReachReachNet – HiVe

Gridloc Enterprise

Designed for enterprise clients, Gridloc Enterprise manages, maximizes, and monetizes their broadband Internet connection. Organizations that deal with large volumes of customers—malls, hospitals, transport hubs, local government units, and the like—can offer flexible broadband or WiFi packages to their customers while ensuring fair use to all.

Gridloc Telco

Designed for telco operator clients, Gridloc Telco simulates full telecommunications services using Network Function Virtualization to allow these clients more flexibility in catering to their subscribers’ needs.

An emergency cellular network in a box, eReach is activated during times of calamity to allow communication and coordination between rescuers and those in affected areas where conventional telco networks may be temporarily down.

Designed for far-flung communities out of a telco operator’s coverage, ReachNet acts as a rural base station, offering a wide range of telco services, at the fraction of the cost of a conventional telco network.

The Internet of Things

Hive is an end-to-end IoT platform that can house different internet of things applications for a smart city and smart home environments.  

The Hive Network is inspired by the natural structure of hives, the Hive Network implements amodular, well-built product base.

Hive is structured in a way that it will support most existing IoT technologies whilst having extensibility to support any future IoT technologies.

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Entropy Solution focuses in delivering cutting-edge innovations catered for telco and enterprise.

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